Piercing Line Patterns 3 15 2017

A technical trading signal that is marked by a closing down day with a good-sized trading range, followed by a trading gap (drop) lower the following day that covers at least half of the upward length of the previous day’s real body (the range between the opening and closing prices), and then closes up for the day. A piercing pattern often signals the end of a small to moderate downward trend.
UALUnited Continental Holdings Inc.NYSEIndustrialAirlines65.2lrg68.1711319279
SAVESpirit Airlines, Inc.NASDIndustrialAirlines59.7mid50.831648580
QCPQuality Care Properties, Inc.NYSEFinancialSpecialty REITs18.2519372
EKSOEkso Bionics Holdings, Inc.NASDHealth CareMedical Equipment2.85293465