P&F Bearish Catapult 5 26 2017

A triple bottom breakdown followed by a double bottom breakdown is recognized as a bearish catapult breakdown. The implication is that there was demand at the triple bottom level that was keeping prices from falling, but the triple bottom breakdown took some of that demand away. Prices then reversed up, allowing more sellers to create supply which continued the selling which broke below the double bottom level creating the bearish catapult breakdown.
FEFirstenergy Corp.NYSEUtilitiesConventional Electricity15.8lrg28.922475868
SWNCSouthwestern Energy Co.NYSEEnergyExploration & Production16.54599666
ALDRAlder Biopharmaceuticals Inc.NASDHealth CarePharmaceuticals5.4sml16.15582873
ESPREsperion Therapeutics, Inc.NASDHealth CareBiotechnology99.4sml32.83397831
CHFCChemical Financial Corp.NASDFinancialBanks31.9sml46.34352717
CTMXCytomX Therapeutics, Inc.NASDHealth CareBiotechnology63.4sml14.31126532