Bullish Engulfing Pattern 5 26 2017

A bullish engulfing pattern is a candlestick pattern that appears when a small candlestick is followed by a larger one that completely engulfs the previous day’s candlestick. The shadows or tails of the small candlestick are short, which enables the body of the larger candlestick to completely engulf the entire candlestick from the previous trading session.

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CIENCIENA Corp.NYSETechnologyTelecom Equipment62.4sml23.82715801
DFSDiscover Financial ServicesNYSEFinancialConsumer Finance10.8lrg59.82660004
ENIAEnersis Americas SANYSEUtilitiesConventional Electricity48.2mid9.321863189
HOGHarley Davidson IncNYSECyclicalsAutomobiles10.1lrg52.321797835